Name: Kai

Pronouns: He/Him

Kai was created and designed by Penumbra the witch, brought to life by the Magic Needle.

He’s curious, charismatic and creative. He seems to have lost his memory and escapes the house of the witch to explore and discover the world outside.

Name: Buttons

Pronouns: She/They

Buttons was brought to life by Kai after she had been torn apart by Zodiac the Owl. She can seem quite emotionless and distant but is very brave and cares for her friends.

Name: Splitter

Pronouns: He/They

Splitter is another doll that, much like Kai, was crafted by Penumbra and given life to by the Magic Needle. He also doesn’t hold memories of his past however seems to be held much closer to Penumbra than Kai. He is Penumbra’s “most trusted ally”.

Name: Penumbra (Penny)

Pronouns: She/Her

Penumbra is a skilled witch, living in the dark woods together with her familiar, Zodiac the owl. She is responsible for giving life to both Kai and Splitter. When her Magic Needle is stolen by Kai, she works tirelessly with her allies to retrieve it.

Name: Zodiac

Pronouns: He/Him

Zodiac is Penumbra’s familiar. Past his serious demeanor, he gets distracted by hisanimalistic and hunting instincts.